In order to restore your gums, your dentist may need to perform periodontal surgery. If you are suffering from gum, or periodontal disease, gum surgery is one treatment option. At Dr. Andrew Lymn DDS, you can count on our talented dentist, Dr. Andrew Lymn to ensure that you have a comfortable and successful procedure. Dr. Andrew Lymn DDS wants our patients to explore our periodontal surgical options e and then talk with us to see which one will be the best to improve the function, health, and appearance of your jaw, and overall smile.

Before proceeding, you will need to have an examination with your dentist to determine if oral surgery is the best treatment choice for you. If surgery is the best option, your dentist will help you decide which type of surgery will be the most effective. One of our more non-invasive treatments is laser gum treatment. This procedure allows Dr. Andrew Lymn to treat gum disease without anesthetics or bulky drills. For those suffering from an infected mouth and gums, our dentist will go above and beyond to provide comfortable and effective periodontal treatment.

We invite our patients to contact us with any questions they have concerning periodontal surgery at 562-866-6914. Feel free to stop by our Bellflower, California, office to request an appointment with our dentist and discuss surgery options.