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Oral cancer is an awful disease that is diagnosed in thousands of patients each year, and the prognosis for recovery isn’t always good. Regular oral cancer screenings and knowing the risk factors can help you protect yourself from the disease.

Tobacco use is one of the greatest risk factors for oral cancer, which is no surprise. Historically, the majority of patients over the age of 50 who have been diagnosed with oral cancer have used tobacco frequently. Alcohol is another risk, increasing the chances of oral cancer up to 15 times over those who don’t drink.

A risk factor prevalent among younger people is human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually-transmitted disease that results in cancer for those who have a poor immune response to the condition. Other potential factors include UV radiation.

Oral cancer becomes harder to treat if detected late, which makes frequent oral cancer screenings important. At Dr. Andrew Lymn DDS, you can receive a screening with your routine dental cleanings and exams, or schedule a screening sooner if you have any potential symptoms of oral cancer, such as unexplained lumps, bumps, bleeding, or rough spots, or loss of feeling in your mouth and face. Early detection is the key to successful and conservative treatment.

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